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The reality of life on a waiting list

The Patient and Client Council has today published “Our lived experience of waiting for healthcare – People in Northern Ireland share their story”.

Waiting for healthcare is a frustrating and worrying experience. While it has been widely reported that waiting times continue to grow, there has been little focus on the lived experiences of people who are waiting for sometimes urgent and life-saving care.  

Chief Executive of the Patient and Client Council, Maeve Hully explains

“People do not know how long they will wait. Deteriorating physical and mental health, worsening pain, loss of income and social isolation are just some of the issues that people are struggling to cope with as they wait for care.

“Sustainable solutions that address this ongoing crisis are required, and clear and accurate information needs to be available immediately, so that people can make informed choices about their care.”

The Patient and Client Council would like to thank all those who shared their experiences and will continue informing the Department of Health, and Health and Social Care service decision makers on the issues raised by patients and their families.

The “Our lived experience of waiting for healthcare – People in Northern Ireland share their story” report is available to read online.


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Martin MacAllister 01-Mar-2018 at 09:13 hrs

Waiting for a year to get a hip replacement operation after the operation to fix a broken hip failed in February 2017 operation has been cancelled twice since January 2018 on 100mg morphine and other painkillers every day and still in extreme pain can now hardly walk to bathroom would give anything to get this operation done so depressed life is so hard we have had to move house and change our car