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Public Health Agency launches e-learning for service users and carers

The Public Health Agency (PHA) has recently launched a Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) e-learning awareness programme, aimed at service users and carers. This is aimed at increasing awareness about health and social care to service users and carers who want to get involved to help design, deliver and evaluate services.

The programme was developed with involvement from service users and carers to help public understanding of PPI, how they can get involved and the difference it will make to Health and Social Care. 

PPI is a process for empowering and enabling service users, carers and interested members of the public to inform and influence the commissioning, planning, delivery and evaluation of health and social care services in ways that are relevant to them.

PHA Interim Chief Executive, Valerie Watts, said; “We acknowledge that we cannot effectively design and deliver services unless we work in partnership with service users and carers and we really value and welcome your knowledge, your expertise and your input.”

The new e-learning resource aims to advance this partnership between health and social care professionals and service users by making PPI easier to understand, explaining how it can be used to improve the quality of services, and how people can get involved.

The new e-learning programme can be accessed in the Learning Opportunities section of the Engage website here.

Engage is a new central resource for PPI, designed to support staff and service users taking part in PPI. The site includes a range of content to support successful engagement, including case studies, learning resources and opportunities for involvement.


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