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Public consultation on regulations to restrict the age of sale for nicotine inhaling products to over-18s

The Department of Health is seeking views from members of the public on draft regulations to restrict the age of sale of nicotine inhaling products (NIPs) to persons over the age of 18.  


The Nicotine Inhaling Products (Age of Sale and Proxy Purchasing) Regulations prohibit both the sale of NIPs (including e-cigarettes) to under-18s and the purchase of these products on behalf of a minor (known as proxy purchasing).

The legislation also exempts the sale of NIPs, which are licensed as medicines where they have been prescribed to a child or where the medicine is indicated for use by children. The regulations will be enforced by local district councils.

This consultation exercise gives people and organisations the opportunity to comment on these legislative proposals. The consultation document is available on the Department’s website:

A hard copy, or a copy in a different format, can be obtained by calling 028 9052 2059.

Please ensure that your completed questionnaire includes your name, organisation

(if relevant), address, email address (if available) and telephone number, and whether your comments represent your own view or the corporate view of your organisation.

You should return your response by email or post to:

PHD Administration Team, Health Improvement Policy Branch, Room C4.22, Castle Buildings, Stormont Estate, Belfast, BT4 3SQ.


The closing date for comments is 5pm on Friday 27 October 2017.



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