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Patients complaints over long waiting times

Nearly 2,600 people contacted the Patient and Client Council’s Complaints Support Service last year. Of that number, 907 people used the service to make a formal complaint about their experience.

A significant number of enquiries and complaints were from patients and relatives who were concerned about the time it took to see a GP, a hospital specialist following a referral and for actual treatment.

People wanted to know how long they would have to wait, how to check on their place on the list and to understand what would happen if they became ill while waiting.

Other concerns people raised with the Patient and Client Council (PCC) included staff attitude, poor communication and their experience of care.

Richard Dixon, the PCC Complaints Support Service Manager, said: “We will use the findings from the Annual Complaints Report to promote learning from complaints, openness and timeliness in responding to complainants, and ensure we continue to develop our service in response to people’s needs.”

To download an electronic version of the Summary and Annual Complaints Report 2015-2016 go to


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