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Patient support service publish annual report

Lengthening waiting times, staff attitude and communication continue to be among the issues of major concern for people contacting the Patient and Client Council’s complaints support service.

Launching their Annual Complaints Report today, Chief Executive, Maeve Hully said

“In the past year 2,435 people used our complaints support service, and as a result, many issues have been resolved for our clients who also received assurances that lessons have been learned from service providers.

“Many people find the complexity of the Health and Social Care system daunting and intimidating. People are often anxious about making a complaint to the service on which they are relying for their care.”

“Through our many conversations with people across Northern Ireland, it’s clear waiting times continue to be a very serious concern. People often tell us they have been waiting for a number of years and this is negatively affecting their long-term health, their ability to work and their personal life. Concerns also exist around conditions getting worse, living in constant pain and even losing one’s livelihood.”

Issues around staff attitude, where patients reported feeling dismissed, and issues with communication, where patients report feeling ignored by staff, are also themes highlighted in conversations with people over the past 12 months.

The Patient and Client Council offers a confidential, independent and free complaints support service that can help people to make a complaint about any Health and Social Care service.

The Patient and Client Council will be meeting with the Department of Health, and Health and Social Care service decision makers to discuss the issues contained in the Annual Complaints Report, and work out how improvements can be made.

If you have a concern about any aspect of Health and Social Care you can contact the Patient and Client Council on 0800 917 0222 or email


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