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New Year, New... Involvement?

As we start into the New Year, the PCC’s Interim Chief Executive, Dr Glynis Henry CBE has a New Year’s resolution she thinks everyone should commit to in this week’s blog…

We’re now well into 2019 and if you’re anything like me, the festive period seems all but a distant memory at this stage!  At this time of the year many of us have made resolutions or commitments to do a variety of things.  Often these have a health-related focus, such as losing weight, stopping smoking or taking part in ‘Dry January’.  There is, however, another health and social care related resolution that I would implore you to make: get more involved in your local services in 2019.

Involvement comes in all shapes and sizes.  Making a commitment to get better involved could be something as simple as completing a questionnaire on a topic of your interest once in a while.  It could be taking part in a telephone interview to share your experience of a particular HSC service.  It could also be joining a group to co-produce service improvement directly with HSC staff and other service users.

Whatever avenue of involvement suits your individual circumstances and interests, I would implore you to give it a go this year.  2019 is going to be a big year for the PCC, particularly as we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in April – keep an eye out for more details closer to the time!  We are also working hard to bring you greater and more diverse opportunities to get involved in the areas of HSC that interest you this year, so if you aren’t already a member, please sign up to our Membership Scheme to keep up-to-date with our work.  You can do so here.

Happy New Year from all of us here at the Patient and Client Council.

Dr Glynis Henry CBE
Interim Chief Executive
Patient and Client Council


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Anthony Brady 12-Jan-2019 at 16:36 hrs


Make time for those
fleeing social distress.
Be a link in a golden
unbreakable chain of
all-welcoming mercy.
Give gladly of yourself.
Receive in good grace.
Redistribute your gains.
Reinvest what you profit
in social capital benefits.

Care for the weakest.
Assist in every way the
honourably intended.
Generate hope by
imitating doers: those
motivators of good.
Keep an open mind.
Confound cynic’s doubts.
Generate kindness.

Heal all wounds with love.
Let peace and friendliness
radiate dispersing darkness.



James Watterson 11-Jan-2019 at 16:02 hrs

A system of annual reviews of post stroke patients by all GP practices for medication & BP.