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Involving you to improve care - Invitation from the Department of Health

This event is over.

Event Name: Involving you to improve care

Event Location: Castle Buildings, Stormont

Event Date: 26 Oct 2017 at 7:00pm - 8.30pm

The Department of Health is inviting you to join them to discuss the possible future configuration of elective care surgery centres in Northern Ireland. More information from them is listed below.

Patients and people who need our services are at the centre of all that we do and the Elective Care Centres Group want to hear your views.

Who are we?

We are a working group made up of professionals from across Health and Social care (HSC), that was set up by the Department of Health’s Transformation Implementation Group’s (TIG) to collect and analyse the information necessary to inform the possible future configuration of elective care surgery centres in Northern Ireland. This will include where the centres are located and what they will do.

What is ‘Elective Care’?

When we talk about elective care, we mean treatment and care that is planned in advance, as opposed to emergency or unscheduled treatment. A third category that sits between emergency and elective care is semi-elective care. This is planned consultations, diagnostics and/or procedures that must be undertaken urgently to confirm or exclude potential life threatening conditions such as suspect/confirmed cancers.

What do we want to achieve?

We want to present and test our initial findings with service users, carers and people who need elective care services, with a view to including their feedback in an initial report with proposals for the possible configuration of elective care in the future.

Why should I get involved?

We are at the very early stages of this work. We want to make sure that our proposals for future elective care service provision is shaped by those who actually receive that care. We therefore want to invite service users and carers to take part in an early engagement event which we are running to help us build a better approach to elective care in the future.

If I come to the engagement event what can I expect?

Group chairman Dr Niall Herity will give a short presentation, which will focus on why the group was formed, the principles it has established, progress to date, current models for the provision of elective care services and projected future demand.

The working group will pose a series of questions around elective care services to attendees and will also take the opportunity to listen and learn from your ideas and experiences and will take these forward into the development of the new model.

When and where will the event take place?

The event will take place at Castle Buildings, Stormont on Thursday 26th October and is planned to run from 7:00pm (with registration from 6.30pm) through to around 8.30pm..

If I choose to take part, will I be able to claim expenses?

Yes, we will pay out of pocket expenses and just ask for you to complete a form and include the receipt. Refreshments will be provided at the venue.

What support will be available to me?

We will provide details of the event programme closer to the date of the engagement event. If you have particular access or other support requirements, please make us aware of these in advance of the event and we will work with you to accommodate these as far as possible.

On the day, the event facilitator will ensure that there is an opportunity for service users to contribute to the discussions. If you feel that you have further comments that you wish to make but which you did not have an opportunity to share at the event, you are very welcome to contact the project support team (details below) to share this information.

I would like to take part – who should I contact?

If you would like to participate, as space is limited, please advise Aaron Thompson at the Department of Health by Thursday 19th October 2017. Aaron can be contacted at:

Will there be other opportunities to be involved?

Yes, as the project develops there will be further opportunities for service users, carers and the public to be involved. Following this event we will develop an involvement plan. If you want to be involved in the development of this plan, please let us know. Contact details are provided above.


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