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Check Out Accessibility to Venues in Northern Ireland Before You Set Off was established more than 14 years ago with a mission to maximise independence and choice for disabled people and their carers in accessing their local area and the places we all want to visit.


On the DisabledGo website you’ll find detailed access information to thousands of venues across the UK and the Republic of Ireland (RoI) including shops, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, railway stations, hotels, universities, hospitals and lots more. 

The organisation works on behalf of local authorities, universities, NHS Trusts and private sector organisations to publish detailed access information on more than 125,000 places of interest across the UK and RoI.

In Northern Ireland, DisabledGo has worked alongside councils and colleges.

 It also has partnerships with organisations such as Visit England, Visit London, Tourism For All and Open Britain.

 The website has been developed by disabled people for disabled people and is unique among national access information providers because:

  • Every venue listed on the website has been visited and surveyed in person
  • It uses a survey method that more than 800 groups of disabled people have fed into
  • Has a national network of steering groups that guide its work and support the continuous development of its service
  • It uses the same high standards and pan-disability survey template throughout the UK and RoI to ensure that all its guides are accurate, reliable and presented in a user-friendly format.

For more information on DisabledGo and its Accessibility Checker, visit


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