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A Farewell from Glynis

In our blog this week our Interim Chief Executive, Dr Glynis Henry CBE, has some parting words to share with you all…

I took up post of Interim Chief Executive with the Patient and Client Council (PCC) on 22nd October 2018 and was delighted if not a little nervous and excited to do so. Having had a long career and association with our health and social care system and nursing in particular I was acutely aware of the important role of the PCC and the valuable contribution it makes in health and social care services. I was particularly keen that through a period of change I would strive to lead the organisation in a way in which would build upon this and prepare the organisation for the time when the new substantive Chief Executive would take up post. Whilst I remained with the PCC a little longer than initially anticipated I think I can say that every day was different with many opportunities and a few surprises if not challenges along the way.

It is really hard to pick one thing that I most enjoyed whilst with the PCC but one of the highlights was getting to know the committed, dedicated team of staff who bring their passion and belief in the role of the PCC to all that they do. During my time with the PCC I have learnt and been reminded of quite a lot, such as:

  • The power of listening to and learning from the lived experience of others
  • As citizens, individuals, teams and organisations - we all have a part to play and a contribution to make
  • Success is achievable when we work together and in partnership to tackle issues, challenges and difficulties
  • It takes time to build and nurture effective and positive relationships but over time everyone gains from that investment
  • Learn from the past and look forward with hope to the future

Being with the PCC has given me an opportunity to work with and alongside new people. It has also given me an opportunity to renew acquaintances with many that I have met or worked with in the past. I hope I can retain these friendships and relationships with colleagues for a long time to come. In saying that I am also reminded of a bit of advice that was once given to me: ‘attend to your intention’, so I know I will have to bear that in mind as I return to the contentment of having more time at home living a quiet life.

I think the future of the PCC is very bright. The strategic focus on involving people in a meaningful way in for example the shaping, design and development of health and social care services – Co production- is something that the PCC is well placed to support and play its part in. The recent appointment of Christine Collins MBE as Chair of the PCC Board, the imminent arrival of three new Board members, Vivian McConvey as Chief Executive along with new additions to the staff team will, I believe bring new energy, vigour, knowledge and skills which will help to steer and lead the organisation smoothly through a period of change.

Drawing from my nursing background I have tried throughout my career and most recently in my time as Interim Chief Executive with the PCC to lead by example, instilling a person-centred approach, supporting people to develop and flourish and working collectively to make a difference. It would be my hope that these ways of working have had a positive impact on the PCC and all those who come into contact with it and that they might continue to so in the future.

Finally may I take this opportunity to say a ‘big’ thank you for the support, advice, guidance and help so freely offered to me during my time with the PCC, it has been invaluable and I extend every best wish to the PCC as it moves forward into the future.


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