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Roles and Responsibilites

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Roles and Responsibilities

Patient and Client Council Board Members

The Patient and Client Council has a Board of Management with 16 members and a Chair all under the Public Appointments process.

The Board of Management meet on a monthly basis and are responsible for;

  • setting the strategic direction for Patient and Client Council
  • monitoring the performance of Patient and Client Council
  • ensuring highest standards of corporate governance & personal behaviour
  • ensuring proper financial stewardship
  • appointing and appraising senior officers and non- executive directors
  • giving account to local communities

Chief Executive

The Chief Executive:

  • Is responsible to the Minister/DHSSPSNI for leading and managing the Patient and Client Council.
  • Is accountable to the board of the Council for the efficient and effective management of the organisation and ensuring it meets objectives set by the Minister.
  • Is the accounting officer for the Council and in that capacity is directly responsible to the Permanent Secretary of the DHSSPSNI for accounting of public funds.
  • Is ultimately answerable to the Minister for Health Social Services and Public Safety.

Head of Operations

The Head of Operations:

  • Leads the Patient and Client Local Offices in the delivery of the annual operating plan
  • Ensures the development of the PCC’s ability to ensure patient and client views are represented at regional level

Head of Development and Corporate Services

The Head of Development and Corporate Services:

  • manages corporate services functions of the organisation
  • manages controls assurance and risk management of the organisation