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House Rules

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House Rules

Patient and Client Council Editorial Guidelines

The Patient and Client Council blog and social media network (Twitter and Facebook) are available so that people can communicate their opinions publicly relating to the work of the Patient and Client Council including projects and events.

If you do not wish to share comments publicly you can email them privately to 

Contributions we will edit 

In some cases the Patient and Client Council may need to edit an opinion before putting it online. If we do edit an opinion, we will keep the changes to the minimum necessary to comply with our editorial policy, which is set out below.

Sometimes we will edit, or not publish a contribution to protect the anonymity of an individual or for legal reasons.

We discourage long pieces of narrative which are over 500 words long. This is because it is hard to read such a large amount of text on a computer screen. However, anyone can contribute as many short opinions as they like.

Contributions we will remove

We will remove any offensive language such as swearing, or racist, sexist, homophobic or other discriminatory language.  

We will also remove contributions which are mainly obscene, commercial or irrelevant to the website.

We will remove posts where people disclose personal stories and personally identifiable information.

While we will make every effort to publish postings, we reserve the right to remove any posting, at our discretion.